B1 breathing air panels

The nano BAP breathing air panel is the optimum solution for one or more users who require a convenient, high quality breathable air filtration system but don’t require the portability of a case. This easy to install panel can be mounted to a wall, skid or any location that requires breathing air on a regular basis, such as a blasting or paint booth, a confined space, a hazardous area or a tank cleaning location.


The BAP panels include a nano F1 NWS water separator, an M01 0.01 micron coalescing filter with automatic condensate drains and an AC activated carbon adsorber to remove moisture, oil aerosols, odours and taste to 0.003 ppm.


  • wall or skid mountable

  • 85, 170 or 297 Nm /hr (50, 100 or 175 scfm) flow rates available

  • multiple outlet connections for multiple users

  • adjustable pressure regulator

  • integral CO monitor*

  • complies with OSHA Grade D (US) and EN12021 breathing air standards


* does not remove CO, only monitors it


B1 breathing air purifier application worksheet

Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom


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