D3 modular desiccant dryers

Clean and dry compressed air is easily achieved with the nano D3 ultra-high purity compressed air dryers.


D3 dryers reliably give you: 


  • more for your money - everything needed for installation is included

  • moisture & particulate protection of your production process 

  • lower life cycle costs - low energy costs and simplified maintenance 

  • built in dew point monitoring (optional)  

  • safe and quiet operation 

  • flows 360 to 1886 Nm /hr (212 to 1110 scfm) at 7 barg (100 psig) operating pressure 

  • peace of mind - the most reliable product of its kind 


Designed for use in the compressor room, at the point of application or integrated into your original equipment, nano dryers are an effective solution to the problems caused by contaminated compressed air.


D1|2|3 desiccant dryer brochure (English)

D1|2|3 desiccant dryer brochure (German)

D1|2|3 desiccant dryer application worksheet

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