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F1 vacuum pump filters

The nano F1 range of vacuum pump inlet filters and vacuum pump exhaust filters are manufactured from cast aluminium alloy providing enhanced strength and feature an E-Coat™ finish for optimum corrosion protection.


This range encompasses 16 vacuum pump filters with connections from 3/8” to 3“ and rated flows from 7 to 490 Nm /hr (4 to 288 scfm). The modular design of the vacuum pump filter housing allows close coupling of the vacuum pump filters to simplify installation and maintenance.


Elements are constructed with an oleophobic borosilicate microfibre media with a custom engineered anti re-entrainment layer.  This unique design provides exceptional dirt holding and drainage capabilities while minimising pressure drop for optimum energy efficiency.


The F1 range of vacuum pump filters are specifically designed to prevent damage to vacuum pumps by eliminating solid and liquid contamination.



NPP vacuum pump filter