R1 cycling refrigeration air dryers

The unique dry thermal mass in the nano NXC cycling refrigeration air dryer saves energy and money by utilising dual transfer technology (DTT).   As a result, the energy saving cycling dryer is eligible for rebates in many parts of the country. The NXC also offers steady dew point performance, low pressure drop and reliable operation to ensure you have continuous, worry free, clean and dry compressed air.


NXC's unique, patented heat exchanger provides the best dew point performance, the fastest response times if demand increases suddenly and the lowest power consumption across the entire spectrum of operation.

Reliability is built in...and backed by our 2 year warranty with pre-filtration and non-corrosive piping installed


Some of the many features and benefits:

  • saves up to 80% over a traditional dryer

  • simple to use CAREL digital microprocessor features dew point display and alarms

  • standard refrigerant gauge located on side of cabinet for ease of troubleshooting

  • robust, reliable and fully adjustable timer drain standard on all models

  • environmentally friendly R134a or R407C refrigerant and non-toxic silica dry mass utilised in all models

  • easy to install and start up with no overnight precooling of thermal mass require

  • all panels can be removed to facilitate maintenance

  • fully packaged into a simple compact design, NXC will fit into the smallest spaces

R1 cycling refrigeration

dryer brochure

R1 cycling refrigeration dryer application


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