R4 direct expansion refrigeration air dryers

Some of the many features and benefits:

  • patented large surface area heat exchanger boasts corrosion resistant construction and integrated moisture separator

  • simple to use CAREL digital microprocessor features dew point, high and low pressure and drain operation

  • powder coated aluminium panels are corrosion resistant

  • TXV ensures stable dew point performance even in changing ambient conditions

  • environmentally friendly R134a or R407C refrigerants are recognised as both efficient and safe

  • timed solenoid drain is fully adjustable and extremely reliable

  • small footprint, lightweight and ready to go out of the box

  • oversized condenser uses a high pressure fan switch to protect refrigeration circuit to provide visual high and low pressure alarms

nano R4 direct expansion refrigeration air dryers allow customers running a consistent volume of compressed air the ability to achieve excellent dew point performance and save energy.


The high-quality SSX stainless steel heat exchangers (multi-module NDX 1750 and up), environmentally-friendly refrigerants and reliable compressors make NDX the best value go-to air dryer in the industry.

Reliability is built in...and backed by our 2 year warranty with pre-filtration and non-corrosive piping installed

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R4 direct expansion refrigeration dryer brochure

R4 direct expansion refrigeration dryer application worksheet

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